Postpartum Amazon Purchases I DON'T Regret

The postpartum season is strange, you're tired all the time but awake all the time, including in the middle of the night. And you're trying to keep another tiny person awake but not TOO awake, just awake enough to go back to sleep so that you can go to sleep. 

And in that haze, empowered by a smart phone, purchases will be made. Packages will show up in the cold light of day and regrets will be had. And sometimes, just sometimes, you will have struck gold in your half awake/half asleep/really hungry/ really tired state. Here are a few that I don't regret. Keep in mind I am now a veteran mom of 3 but was a mere rookie for a lot of these. 

Backseat Mirror for the Car – I had a C section with my oldest (and youngest) so I wasn’t the one driving for the first week since I was still on pain killers. But once I did drive, I realized I couldn't see my baby. Oops.

Moms on Call Book (0-6 Month) – Whether or not you want your child to be on a “schedule” you need this book. It’s baby care 101 and written by nurses. I think I found it by searching "how to take care of a baby". It’s so so helpful and gives some guidance when you get out of the fog and go “wait, when do you nap? Or eat?” All 3 of my kids are MOC kids, they sleep like gangbusters 90% of the time and I can swaddle like a professional. I bought the iBooks version at 3:30am and read it while nursing. (To this day, the only "iBook" I've purchased. I would suggest at least the Kindle at this point...)

Disposable Diaper Bags and Dispenser – pretty much identical to doggy poop bags. You don’t need the fancy scented ones, just get the cheapest ones you can find. They hold gross diapers, dirty clothes, wet clothes, you name it. 

Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar – Theoretically you’re supposed to be able to find this in stores but I couldn’t find it anywhere near me. It’s a miracle worker on baby poop stained clothes. I put the bar inside an old mismatched sock (so I would have grip) and used it to scrub out any stains. I still use this same 6 year old bar of soap on most of our laundry. 

Not Aesthetic Baby Swing – Hi, our child didn’t like the Mamaroo. Sorry! It’s so highly rated and swanky and modern but it was so expensive and wasn’t soothing to him. And to be honest, I get it, it’s called a swing but doesn’t have a swinging motion…So we got the good old fashioned Fisher Price swing *That they don't even make anymore apparently!! We used it for our second and third but without turning it on because they both got motion sick and I was sick of washing the cover. We lost a screw at one point and ordered a replacement online really easily also!

Headbands – Purchased PRE Sweet City Bows, they were uglyyyy. Get yourself some cute ones!!

Diaper Spatula – Things I never thought I'd type for $1000. Applying diaper rash cream is so gross to me. It’s still gross. Of all the motherhood things, this one really gets to me. This spatula makes it 10 times better. (This set comes with a mini one too which is awesome!)

Moms, scroll back in your Amazon app and sound off in the comments on your best middle of the night purchases!!


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